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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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I teach ESL in Poland and have recently been tnheaicg more children and young adults and have been impressed by the maturity of my students and their peers. This comes at a cost; there is a huge amount of pressure on them to decide young and quickly what they want to do and begin an educational path towards that goal. I do not necessarily think that deciding a university path at the age of 13 is necessarily correct or good, but given the alternative The question is how do emerging countries prevent what has been happening in the US and UK? And how do countries like the US and UK go about changing to remain competitive because, in my opinion, competitiveness is the ultimate edge we are going to lose, or have already lost.

Weren't the Pilgrims extra Jewwy? Eric P. Kaufmann has written a book about how Jewwy the Pilgrims and other peinoers were. Form his world view the Transcendentalists, Unitarians, Quakers and other Protestant denominations are more responsible than the Russian and Polish Jews that poured into the country for this communitarian fix we're in now. Kaufmann turned Kevin MacDonald into a fish. And after he got done burying him Israel Shamir came along and kicked some more mulch on the mound by declaring America was never White because there has never been any sense of a general ethny among the European immigrants in our proposition nation. John Dewey was Jewwy! That's going to be the mantra for the drill team of dunces I'm putting together for the next Fourth of July parade in my shetl.

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