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Monday, May 12, 2008


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Groovy. Another accurate story with deadly research from the acid-drenched, psychedelic desks of The NY Times. Maybe Dr. Cornue, PhD., was watching Charlie Byrd? He looked and sounded almost exactly nothing like Charlie Parker. But with the right drugs it would be possible to mistake Richard Nixon for Paris Hilton. Lotsa' fun out there in Reporterland! -You bet, but, um, I must lean towards the conservative and recommend that The Times reporters avoid the brown acid -repeat- AVOID THE BROWN ACID! And, hey, you people get off that scaffolding! Like, man it's uncool. Like, man, I said get off the speaker towers! And, someone's old lady just had a baby -like man we really are a city!

And now for our next act, Please give a warm welcome to Beiderbecke, Bolden and Berry!

Bix Lives.

PS: Phil Schaap is popcorn-fart dry academic who sucks all the soul out of the music. He knows every possible fact, but seems oddly incapable of enjoying the music. The man has less soul than a Nike. However, even a hideous bore like Phil deserves to have his name spelled correctly -or at least consistently.

Yes, he was long dead by that time. I was fortunate enough to meet him in his last days; I can't be definite but I think 1954 or so.

You can also spell Schaap's name correctly in your headline.

This is a peeer review

You can also spell Schaap's name correctly in your headline.

This is a peeer review

If you heard Charlie Parker live in 1966, in Chapel Hill or elsewhere, it would have been an earthshattering event

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